Outlook: in pursuit of excellence on R&D, manufacture and service, to be the most competitive textile equipment supplier.
Brand Idea: to make product satisfactory to both customer and ourselves.
Core values: well-regulated, fair, honest, pragmatic, innovative
Well-regulated, fair, honest: to abide strictly by professional ethics and provide professional service to customer with law and contract as rules, justice and honesty as base. We will always comply with this rule either for customer relationship or for supply chain management. We wish to be marked with “high quality” label on product quality, “fair” label on after-sales service and “honest” label on norm of conduct.
Pragmatic: we initiate to be down-to-earth against fickleness and pretence and to create simple and efficient work environment. We never hide our problem but face without cover and bravely undertake it.
Innovative: we courage innovation with open mind, we need improvement on technology, marketing, management and service. We can successfully confront the uncertain future only after constant innovation and reformation.