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HY80 Positive Cam Type Airjet Loom

Name:HY80 Positive Cam Type Airjet Loom

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HY 80 has made detailed improvements on high-speed adaptability, products compatibility, operation ability, energy conservation, safety and the like so as to help customers deal with the increasingly competitive market environment.







Reed Space

Nominal Reed Space(cm)

150, 170, 190, 210, 230, 280, 340,360


Useful Reed Space

0~60cm(150~250cm)  Nominal Reed Width -0~60cm(150~250cm)                          0~80cm(280cm)Nominal Width-0~80cm(above 280cm)


Weaving Range


Short Yarn:Ne100—Ne5


Long Silk:30D—600D

Weft Selecting


2, 4 or 6 Jetting-Selection



Starting Way

Super Starter Motor


Directly control and position stop through electromagnetic brake


Slowly start by frequency converter (clockwise/anticlockwise)


Operate in both hands through buttons and switches


Rated Power of Motor



Weft Insertion


Main Nozzle, Assistant Main Nozzles together with assistant nozzles

Extended Nozzles

Abnormal Reed


Auto-control of Weft Insertion


Length Measuring Weft Feeder

Electrically-Controlled Weft Feeder

ABS Weft Insertion Brake



Positive Cam Shedding: from 6 Max 10 pages Heald Frames





Double Back Rest Electrically-Controlled Let-off(Single Beam)

Double Warp Beams

Negative Loose Warp or Positive Loose Warp


Flanges Diameter

800mm, 914mm, 1000mm




Electronic Take-up


Machine Detail Feature 

High Quality Inovance Electronic Automatic Control System


The IACA 200 Series Air Jet Loom Electronic Control System adopts a newly developed digital weft detector and a high-performance chip to fulfill functions like automatic weft sensitivity adjustment and weft image output. It can easily fulfill extended functions through simple settings, including variable-frequency super start, pneumatic fold selvage, electronic dobby, electronic jacquard, electronic let-off (ELO), electronic take-up (ETU), batch winding, eight-color weft selection, automatic oiling, automatic leveling,infrared detection and Internet of Things. Therefore, it is a real high-performance and multi-functional product.The IACA 200 Series feature products for general purposes and multiple functions. The manual describes mainly based on the latter as some intrinsic functions cannot be fulfilled by products for general purposes.